Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library (updated Thur 12 am HST)

5:21 pm (Hawaii) Finally back home, catching up on today's market news and some Fast Money off the DVR. Interesting that Gartman remains bullish "of gold" and Cortez is now long the market via S&P 500 (SPX?) now that fear has clouded the groupthink.

Beyond all the chatter on the tube, Brother Turd Ferguson is cautious overnight, pointing to blatant attacks on gold in the final hour of trading (stateside). To him, that plus tomorrow being the day before another key economic report make gold and silver particularly vulnerable. So far, gold his holding above 1660, currently at 1668, and silver is managing to stay above 41.00, now 41.99. I still don't see the CME mafia allowing silver above 42 for some time, but they have no way to completely stifle gold. Can't tell our creditors they can't buy the yellow metal, can't make them stop. Plus, there's this: the Swiss plan to devalue their franc.

Adami: "The better trade is in silver. The better investment is still in gold."

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