Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday cinema & library (updated 1030 pm HST)

(new) Jake Gint: Hello darkness my old friend (Aug 26)
(new) Jim Sinclair: Selling against the angels expected (Aug 25)
> "For heaven's sake, stop barfing into weakness. Stop selling weakness and buying strength. That is a kindergarten type error."
(new) Monty Guild: Market commentary (Aug 25)
(new) SGS: WWSD (Aug 25)
(new) Le Fly: Prepare to get (Jackson) holed (Aug 25)
(new) Le Fly: The great showdown is near (Aug 25)
(new) Le Fly: Position update: GSVC (Aug 25)
(new) Le Fly: The Buffett deal is defensive (Aug 25)
Chris Duane (Silver Shield): Silver Shield's final warning (Aug 25)
> "We are on the knife's edge of a major shift that will make silver untouchable if you do not secure your metal right now."
Turd Ferguson: (pm) Looking better (Aug 25)
Turd Ferguson: (am) This ain't horseshoes (Aug 25)

James Turk: Peter Spina interview at GATA (Aug 25)
Endless Mountain: Trading in paper rectangles (Aug 25)
Endless Mountain: Three silver charts I rely on the most (Aug 25)
Storm Clouds Gathering: Why we left the US (permanently) (Aug 25)
Christopher Greene: Buffett Bashing 101 (Aug 25)
Christopher Greene: Buffett strikes again! (Aug 25)
Keiser Report: Chris Martenson (Aug 24)
Wide Awake News: The 'LIE' of the storm (Aug 24)


Rick Munarriz: There's no place like Zillow (Aug 25)


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