Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday cinema & library

Turd Ferguson: (pm) Read this now (Aug 30)
Zero Hedge: QE3 Levitation Day 2 (Aug 30)
> A decade ago, Celente was advising to by gold at $280.
Zero Hedge: JPM demanding QE3 (Aug 30)
Times of India: India makes buying gold easier (Aug 30)
Turd Ferguson: (am) All the fuss (Aug 30)

Christopher Greene: Collapse imminent (Aug 30)
Endless Mountain: The Silver Log (Aug 30)
USAprepares.com: Bob Chapman interview (Aug 30)
James Turk: Ned Naylor-Leyland interview (Aug 30)
> Aug 5 interview
H1INC: Silver: A final warning (Aug 30)


Blog commentary
Inbetween is pain: No shame - only hubris (Aug 30)
ScottJ: Playing devil's advocate (Aug 30)


CNBC: The rush for gold (Aug 30)
> Guest Sen. Ron Paul
CNBC: New hints of QE3? (Aug 30)

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