Sunday, August 28, 2011

I remember when ...

9:01 pm (Hawaii) I remember when First Spouse 1/2 oz coins from the US Mint were only $929. I waffled and waffled and decided, no. I am not paying $929, or a rate of $1,858 per oz of gold, when spot gold price was actually around $1600 or so.

Eventually, I was shocked to see price rise to $979 for those same First Spouse gold coins. Then $1,029. Now, it's $1,054. Yeah. Holy shit. But that was over the past few weeks.

Tonight, I took a look at the site and notice another shocker: ASE 1-oz proofs, which had sold for $59.95, are off the table. The site now says, "This product is temporarily unavailable for product repricing."

Product repricing? The product was already 50% above spot (silver) price. My guess is that it'll return with a new price of $64.95. It'll make me wish I'd collected far more proofs at $59.95. I know silver is silver and numismatic value is debatable in a hyperinflationary environment. Even the First Spouse coins at these prices are nowhere near a 50% premium. But proofs are pretty, really pretty. I'm probably not done with getting a few more.

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