Friday, October 14, 2011

Afternoon Apples

8:29 am (Hawaii) It's still morning here, but let me get to the Apple bottom of this post. I opened a small position in AAPL at 419.50. Not looking for a quick gain here, just looking ahead, though I'm not keen on holding anything over the weekend. Should I have held my position at 379 from last week? I sold that at 377+. Not quite as bad as selling at 106 for an $11/share gain a few years back.

1-minute AAPL
Steady, powerful run since early profit taking

Update 9:17 am Added more AAPL at 420.00, it went to 420.28, but sold off and I got out at 419.07 for a teeny loss. Once it broke that lower trendline, I didn't want to stick around after this hot run from 354 two weeks ago. A lot of room for downside, but if it happens, should be only temporary. 

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