Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday cinema & library (updated 1000 pm HST)

Orpheum Theater, Memphis, Tennessee

Golden Truth: Legalized fraud (Oct 13)
Dan Norcini: Gold still being held by $1680 (Oct 13)
Le Fly: Flirting with disaster (Oct 13)
SGS: Trade on, trade off (Oct 13)
Le Fly: Tired bull (Oct 13)
Turd Ferguson: Deflating inflation (Oct 13)
Doug Kass: 10 questions for the bears (Oct 10)
Doug Kass: 10 questions for the bulls (Oct 10)
James Altucher: I lost $5 million this morning (Sept 24)

(new) Young Turks: CNN's Burnett: Root for the banks! (Oct 13)
Keiser Report: Dog & Pony Show (Oct 13)
StormCloudsGathering: The chain of obedience (Oct 13)
Standard Rebellion: How many more occupations? (Oct 13)
Luke Rudkowski: Michael Moore, Take 2 (Oct 13)
theeastwatch: N. Korea too?!? WTF (Oct 13)
Realist News: Is Mexico's 92 tons of gold gone? (Oct 13)
SilverGuild: Gold as money across the US (Oct 13)
Chris Duane (Silver Shield): The ultimate exit strategy (Oct 12)
NewAmericaNow: I am not moving (Oct 10)

Peter Schiff: Guest Andrew Napolitano (Oct 13)
Chris Martenson: Guest Rob Hopkins (Oct 13)
ScrapGoldBusiness: This was someone's home (Oct 13)
Mike Broomhead: Guest Gerald Celente (Oct 10)


(video) (new) Sky News: Nigel Farage and Sharon Bowles (Oct 13)
(video) (new) RT: Nigel Farage on European bailouts (Oct 13)
(video) (new) Euronews: Greek general strike to be extended (Oct 13)
(video) (new) UKIP Media: Nigel Farage: Slovak vote no to bailout (Oct 12)

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