Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday cinema & library (updated 900 pm HST)


Upside Trader: Why I shorted financials twice in 2 days (Oct 25)
Le Fly: You are cordially invited (Oct 25)
Cain Thaler: I told you they'd disappoint (Oct 25)
Le Fly: Hedge fund relief rally stalled (Oct 25)
Cain Thaler: QE3 is coming (Oct 25)
Le Fly: There is only one long trade here (Oct 25)
Le Fly: Devil is in details (Oct 25)
Rajun Cajun: What I'm looking at this morning (Oct 25)
Golden Truth: Housing continues death spiral (Oct 25)


(new) streetmoney21: Gold, silver finally make a move (Oct 25)
(new) bullorbearreport: Silver rebound, markets looking bullish (Oct 25)
Truth Never Told: The Riddle (Oct 25)
Wearchange.org: Russell Simmons on End the Fed (Oct 25)
ScrapGoldBusiness: Time has come to buy silver (Oct 25)

Peter Schiff Radio (Oct 25)
Chris Martenson: Guest Eric Sprott (Oct 25)


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