Monday, October 17, 2011


9:46 pm (Hawaii) FAZ has the edge. After that 7-session demolition, FAZ is on a clear uptrend. 55-56 is a key level and has been since FAZ broke out in August. Can't predict jack here. Merkel could drop another white lie and send the markets up, which would result in FAZ revisiting 50 and below. But for now, nobody's buy the BS out of Europe.

FAZ daily
Ready to break out of the lowest megaphone of the past two months?

FAZ daily
After 3 pennants, price action of the past two weeks
has been radically directional.

FAS daily
Price touched the top line of its current megaphone,
then ran out of fuel after a major rally.
Currently testing that lower megaphone line at 11.30 or so. 

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