Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday cinema & library (updated Fri 100 am HST)

(new) endlessmountain: Nonsense - Silver, dollar index, TLT bonds (Oct 21)
(new) MoneyBags73: Massive conflicts of interest at Fed (Oct 20)
(new) Jim Comiskey: Daily market insights - metals futures (Oct 20)
(new) Peter Schiff: Listener questions (Oct 20)
RT: Athens chaos: Cop-protester crossfire (Oct 20)
Keiser Report: Live and let fail (Oct 20)
ScrapGoldBusiness: Perth Mint update (Oct 20)
bullorbearreport: The revolution has begun! (Oct 20)

(new) Peter Schiff Radio (Oct 20)


Eye candy
Street Low: Impala '64 clowning with Desire (Oct 15)

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