Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday cinema & library (updated 1000 pm HST)

Federal Reserve

Zero Hedge: BBC does it again (Oct 6)
Le Fly: Enter decadence (Oct 6)
Le Fly: This is madness (Oct 6)
Scott Bleier: Hope lives! (Oct 6)
Rajun Cajun: The Russell paints the picture (Oct 6)
madhedgefundtrader: Why I tripled my volatitlity index short (Oct 6)
Le Fly: Ignoring warnings (Oct 6)
Le Fly: Rally will continue until pain threshold is met (Oct 6)
Zero Hedge: France, Germany fail to reach agreement (Oct 6)
Turd Ferguson: Ready for more BLSBS? (Oct 6)
Turd Ferguson: Disconnect (Oct 5)

(new) bullorbearreport: Silver +10% in 2 days! Good buy point (Oct 6)
(new) BrotherJohnF: Silver Update - Buy the dips (Oct 6)
Reggie Middleton: BoomBustBlog Occupy Wall St documentary (Oct 6)
endlessmountain: Rant - Using charts for buy/sell points (Oct 6)
endlessmountain: Silver Log (Oct 6)
jackieochannel: Occupy Wall St media zombies (Oct 6)
Keiser Report: Debts and slavery (Oct 5)

Progressive Radio News Hour: Guest Gerald Celente (Oct 6)
Kerry Lutz: Guest Barry Stuppler (Oct 6)
Chris Martenson: Guest David Stockman (Oct 6)


(video) CNBC: The jobs report trade (Doug Kass) (Oct 6)

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