Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library

Bill James

Reggie Middleton: Why occupy Wall St when you can control Wall St? (Ot 12)
SGS: David Fingold - EU needs $5 trillion (Oct 12)
Turd Ferguson: What do you make of this? (Oct 12)


Reggie Middleton: How the common man can control Wall St (Oct 12)
Nigel Farage: Barroso in bunker planning world domination (Oct 12)
GuildF40: Gold chart - Why I think we're going down for now (Oct 12)
Realist News: Lots of important news (Oct 12)
DEMCAD: Dex predicts major market crash, violence at Occupy Wall St?! (Oct 12)
Keiser Report: Pain in the asset (Oct 12)
endlessmountain: Rant - Gambling and investing (Oct 12)
Casey Research: Guest Rick Rule (Oct 12)
ScrapGoldBusinees: Chase Bank - Now a $20 monthly checking fee? (Oct 12)

Wall St Journal: JP Morgan earnings preview: Four themes to watch (Oct 12)
(video) BNN: Fingold - EU needs $5 trillion (Oct 12)
Reuters: Fed thinks hard about next steps (Oct 12)

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