Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday cinema & library

Every now and then I visit American Bulls for their take on the market. Here's what their candlestick analysis looks like as of Oct 31.

FXP - Buy confirmed
FCX - Sell if
FAS - Sell if
MF - Wait
BAC - Wait
NBG - Sell if
STD - Wait
JPM - Sell if
GS - Sell if
GLD - Sell Confirmed
DGP - Sell Confirmed
SLV - Sell if
AGQ - Hold
UUP - Buy Confirmed
FAZ - Buy Confirmed
EUO - Buy Confirmed
SPY - Sell if
AAPL - Hold
NFLX - Wait
CSTR - Wait
LULU - Sell if
GOOG - Hold
BIDU - Hold
GMCR - Sell if

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Reuters: All eyes on Euro downside (Nov 1)

Fantasy Football
dereksdiary: Tape review of Tebow and Broncos (Oct 31)

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