Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday cinema & library (updated Wed 100 am HST)

Dexia Banque: Fancy building, toxic at its core

(new) Reggie Middleton: Hunting the squid, part 4 (Oct 4)
(new) Scott Bleier: HOPE MUST DIE before bounce can truly stick (Oct 4)
(new) Dan Norcini: HUI weekly chart needs to improve - very soon (Oct 4)
(new) Le Fly: Make preparations for a 10,000 point rally (Oct 4)
(new) Le Fly: Beware of the divident trap (Oct 4)
(new) Le Fly: The 'Honey' bounce (Oct 4)
(new) Barry Ritholtz: Banking's self-inflicted wounds (Oct 4)
(new) Turd Ferguson: More downside ahead? (Oct 4)
(new) Golden Jackass: US T-bounds: The monster spleen (Oct 4)
Zero Hedge: Soaring financial volume leads CME to announce 33% margin...cut (Oct 4)
SGS: Don't be fooled (Oct 4)

(new) Heretic Productions: Occupation USA! (Oct 4)
(new) Standard Rebellion: Wall St under pressure (Oct 4)
(new) endlessmountain: The Silver Log - Smiley face roller coaster (Oct 4)
Keiser Report: Deutschmark & Drachma revival (Oct 4)
Wide Awake News: Point of no return (Oct 4)
Realist News: Bank stocks rally??!! (Oct 4)
Hit the Bid: Occupy Wall St zombie walk (Oct 4)
Hit the Bid: Break out your INSANITY HAT (Oct 4)



Europe is getting the printing presses ready as we speak


Dexia Banque: Long before the madness

(new) Business Insider: Luxembourg-based fund company takes out full-age ad telling Trichet how to save Euro (Oct 5)
(new) (video) CNN: Buffett: I'd buy US bank stocks now (Oct 4)
(new) (video) CNN: Whitney: Many European banks will fail (Oct 4)
(new) Financial Times: Private lending loses luster for China's rich (Oct 4)
RT: Guest Jim Rogers (Oct 3)

Metal bling

Eye candy

(new) Street Low Magazine: 1964 Impala wagon and Jenny (Oct 5)
(new) Street Low Magazine: Heather and Missy's photo shoot (Oct 5)
(new) Street Low Magazine: Maria's motorcycle photo shoot (Oct 4)
Street Low Magazine: 1964 Impala Wagon 'Pura Plata' (Oct 4)
(new) Street Low Magazine: 66 Convertible Impala 'The Pearl' w/ Nikki Portanova (Oct 3)

Careful where you put your eggs

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