Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekend cinema & library (updated Sun 1100 pm HST)

Best film I've seen in awhile

Update Sunday 10:15 pm (Hawaii) Alternative media is riding the whole Occupy Wall St scene while mainstream barely mentions it, even after a woman was maced by police a few days ago. No surprise.

Gold and silver are up significantly overseas tonight. Dow futures went from -55 to -140 to -80 in the past few hours. I'm all cash, hoping for FAZ at 55 or lower soon, but it might not happen. Tempting here  to add some physical PM at these levels, even though a drop in silver to 21 would still not surprise me. I theorized a week or two ago that a fall from the high in late April from 49 down to a low of 21 would correlate with the previous high of 21 down to below 9.

Major slingshot action? It probably will become the norm. 

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> On silver: "Be very cautious. A drop through 29 will signal a test of the early Monday spike bottom."
> "Europe is going to largely collapse first."
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> "I swear this market reminds me (of) 2008, headfakes in every direction, whipsawing traders in every direction, until everyone was inside the funnel. If you are new to trading, I suggest you either sit out, or pick a side and stick to it (always make sure stops are in place). The worst thing you can do is switch from long to short, short to long, until you churn your account to the ground."

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> "The bubble is in the Treasury market."
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Metal bling
ArgentPur1OZ: Dragons! (Oct 1)

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