Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library

A Visionary for our time
A Visionary for all time
Rest in peace, Steve

Steve Jobs
MarketWatch: Apple's Steve Jobs dies at 56 (Oct 5)

Zero Hedge: Le Figaro discloses France has prepared an emergency nationalization plan for 2 or 3 banks (Oct 5)
Golden Truth: 'New price' (Oct 5)
Dan Norcini: Gold still stuck in a range (Oct 5)
Street Insider: Don't worry, if you're rich you won't pay Bank of America a debit card fee (Oct 5)
SGS: Dear James Gorman (CEO of Morgan Stanley) (Oct 5)
Turd Ferguson: Three things to consider (Oct 5)
JS Kim/Zero Hedge: Utah Monetary Declaration of freedom (Oct 5)
Reggie Middleton: Sliced Apple margins for dinner? (Oct 5)
Zero Hedge: Friday's NFP will be disappointment (Oct 5)
SGS: Am I in 2008 Lehman days? (Oct 4)
Charles Hugh Smith: Heresy and the US Dollar (Oct 4)

Keiser Report: Occupy Keiser Report! (Oct 5)
manoftruth: Roseanne Barr on Alex Jones Show (Oct 5)
ScrapGoldBusiness: $25 paper silver coming soon? (Oct 5)
Hit the Bid: Krull to arms, it's coming (Oct 5)

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