Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday cinema & library

Reggie Middleton: Serving up fried calamari from raw squid (Goldman Sachs) (Oct 3)
Jake Gint: Ready for the rubber match? (Oct 4)
SGS: Margin Mondays! (Oct 3)
> "Morgan Stanley will be the next to go."
Le Fly: An unbelievable bottom approaches (Oct 3)
> "Today's breadth is screaming for an oversold bounce higher. We are talking about 5-8% to the upside."
Turd Ferguson: Oink oink (Oct 3)
Cain Thaler: Taken out back (Oct 3)
Le Fly: The infamous Faber-Cramer Morgan Stanley pump (Oct 3)
Cain Thaler: I may have acted too soon (Oct 3)
Le Fly: The rally is dead because we're all gonna die (Oct 3)
Turd Ferguson: Revisiting Max Q (Oct 3)
Bruce Krasting: The SNB's risky move (Oct 3)
Peter Tchir: It's been 36 days since I was long (Oct 3)
> "So I finally got a bit long. It scares me to death. I bought HYG and XLF and covered all my SPY short. ... bought only the things I think could have the biggest short squeeze tomorrow."
Zero Hedge: China fires back at US Senate, may have started Sino-US currency war (Oct 3)
Zero Hedge: Is CME's 150% hike in gold collateral a ploy to increase amount of legally confiscatable gold? (Oct 3)
Zero Hedge: Goldman raises US recession odds to 40%, sees more Fed easing, recession in Germany, France (Oct 3)
Zero Hedge: Greece may mobilize police against striking students, teachers (Oct 3)
Zero Hedge: Copper set to tumble after CME hikes margins again (Oct 3)
Zero Hedge: Mitsubishi UFJ releases rescue attempt of Morgan Stanley (Oct 3)
Zero Hedge: FINal countdown (Oct 3)
Zero Hedge: With Dexia done, here's who's next (Oct 3)
Reggie Middleton: Hunting the Squid, part 2 (Oct 3)

BrotherJohnF: Silver update -- BOA is DOA (Oct 3)

(video) Reuters: iPhone 5: What to expect (Oct 3)

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