Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend cinema & library (updated 1000 am Sun HST)

Caroline Springs Library

(new) Turd Ferguson: Getting worn out (Oct 8)
(new) Zero Hedge: Fund blamed for gold selloff (Oct 8)
(new) Zero Hedge: Financials finish weak (Oct 7)
(new) Golden Truth: My take on today's jobs report (Oct 7)
Le Fly: Crazy, crazy tape (Oct 7)


(new) Alexiscom1: Occupy the Fed, dollar collapse (Oct 9)
(new) endlessmountain: Silver Log (Oct 9)
(new) VictoryIndependence: Civil unrest, economic chaos (Oct 9)
(new) ScrapGoldBusiness: Silver - 35 Franklin half dollars complete set (Oct 9)
(new) DEMCAD: SHTF fantasy warrior syndrome (Oct 9)
(new) Keiser Report: Price propaganda (Oct 8)
(new) SGT Report: Occupy hearts and minds (Oct 8)
(new) Realist news: 11 facts you need to know about nation's biggest banks (Oct 8)
(new) endlessmountain: Rant - seriously? (Oct 8)
(new) Silveready1: NYPD on scooters (Oct 8)
(new) Realist News: Banks gambled with pensions and lost (Oct 7)
Keiser Report: Pitchforks and torches up in sales (Oct 7)
stellaconcepts: Silver to $23.75? Sure hope so! (Oct 7)
bigdad06: Artificial crisis! (Oct 7)
Hit the Bid: Krull to Friday (Oct 7)

(new) Turd Ferguson: Guest Ned Naylor-Leyland (Oct 8)
Peter Schiff Radio (Oct 7)

(new) (video) CCTV: S&P cuts core Dexia banks by one notch (Oct 8)
(new) CCTV: Protestors gather in London (Oct 8)

Metal bling
ArgentPur1OZ: Thanksgiving PM (Oct 7)
(new) Buildingwithbullion: Weighing my 10 troy oz gold Suisse Pamp (Feb 16)

Eye candy

(new) Street Low: 1969 Impala with model Gina (Oct 7)
(new) Reef Entertainment: 2012 Miss Reef Calendar (Sept 27)

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