Thursday, October 13, 2011


11:00 am (Hawaii) When the general of JPM accosts the general of the Fed, as he did a few months ago, he is likely pissed off. He knows a day like today will arrive, when JPM's iron vice grip of the financial world becomes less than perfect. Dominion? All the "connections" and funding in the world get the banksters what they want. It just doesn't happen quite as often on a day like today. Who knows, maybe the Fed and EU announce complete recklessness and start printing into hyperflation tomorrow, and JPM and every global bank is happy. For now, FAS's tear to the upside has stalled. My only reservation about FAZ's rebound today is lame volume. It sure wasn't convincing.

FAS daily and weekly
The run toward 14 and 15 has stalled

FAS daily
A lot of selling today, but volume on the downside wasn't deathly

FAZ daily
Megaphone action: price back in line? The fugly downtrend of the
previous 7 sessions has been broken but soft volume today is a thorn.

Update 7:32 pm Re-entered a position in FAZ 54.45 after the closing bell.

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