Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library (updated Thur 100 am HST)

(new) Zero Hedge: Senate votes to block Obama jobs plan (Oct 11)
(new) SGS: More smoke and mirrors (Oct 11)
Le Fly: The WNR grows (Oct 11)
Le Fly: A pullback is in the cards (Oct 11)
Cain Thaler: Lazy afternoon glance (Oct 11)
Scott Bleier: Don't think (Oct 11)
Rajun Cajun: 1190 brick wall (Oct 11)
SGS: CFTC has enough votes to pass position limits (Oct 11)
Turd Ferguson: A rally cometh? (Oct 11)
Dan Norcini: Commodity complex reflecting more optimism related to European bailout plan (Oct 11)
Chris Duane (Silver Shield): Silver cheerleaders only cheered for physical (Oct 10)


(new) Keiser Report: Ground Zero of financial terrorism (Oct 11)
(new) BrotherJohnF: Peak Silver (Oct 11)
silverfuturist: Globalism and silver: Who rules you? (Oct 11)
H1INC: The damage is done (Oct 11)
GRTV: War on whistleblowers - Sibel Edmonds (Oct 11)
Realist News: Lindsey Williams on radio shows soon (Oct 11)
SilverCircleMovie: Occupy the Federal Reserve begins (Oct 11)
Christopher Greene: End the Fed revolution, jail bankers now! (Oct 11)
RT: End the Fed: 'Revolution has come to America' (Oct 11)


(new) Business Insider: Fed minutes come out later today (Oct 12)
(new) Business Insider: End of the Eurozone (Oct 12)
(new) Business Insider: Hey Jamie Dimon, protestors outside your house (Oct 11)
(new) Business Insider: An incredible tour of China's richest village (Oct 11)
Washington Post: Slovakia rejects European bailout plan (Oct 11)
CNBC: Guest Jim Rogers (Oct 10)

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