Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No rhyme, no reason

6:14 am (Hawaii) Really. Besides AAPL, which got up to 422+ and is now back at 420+, there's no valid reason for the fluctuations in FAS, FAZ, AGQ, DGP and most of the market. Do you really believe BAC and GS tell the truth? Yet, somewhere in that vortex, there's got to be a calculable pattern or rhythm to this seemingly random action.

For now, FAS is back up and ranging through the current megaphone level. FAZ is doing the same on the downside. Churn churn churn. I'm glad I slept in and stayed in cash. Still keeping an eye on AAPL.

FAZ daily
Short-term uptrend has been breached

FAS daily
Staying above 12 today

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