Monday, October 10, 2011

FAS vs FAZ (updated 150 pm HST)

FAS daily: Ready to break into the 12s and 13s? 

FAZ daily: Testing 55
This kind of decline has consistently been met 
with buying since early August, but the market 
is begging for a run higher.

12:41 pm (Hawaii) Really, could it be this simple? Is it just about banks, banksters and a "Why can't we all get along" attitude? The grit is real and the dirt is everywhere. Nobody in Germany in his or her right mind wants to bail out Greece. Again. But the US won't let that happen, and if we (the US) end up financing all the stupidity in their monetary systems — and why not, since we can't figure out a sturdy system of our own without cheating The People — the winner from here is FAS.

I missed most of FAS's 14% gain today to 11.90, catching a ride from 11.09 to 11.33 before hitting the sack at 4 am. FAZ has retreated despite the duress in Europe. Any hint of a semblance of a plan there puts fuel in the bankster stocks and buries FAZ. At sub-55, is it time to re-enter FAZ? Is Europe's drawn-in-the-dirt play really going to work? Will the Germans go along with the Americans and keep the pyramid ponzi scheme continue? The answers are probably yes.

They will print Euros, etc. That will make FAS, AGQ, DGP, AAPL rage higher, maybe through the roof. But if the turbulence isn't over, FAZ can't be discounted. Literally.

Update 1:50 pm Back in FAZ at 54.84, small position. 

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