Wednesday, October 19, 2011


8:46 am (Hawaii) Woke up 6:15 to see the market flat and I was satisfied to get a good night's rest. Then I looked at FAS. I sold it yesterday for a loss at 12.68. It ran to 13.32 or so today before pulling back to the 12.68 level. I guess I missed that gain if sleep is not necessary. I know I've had sleep debt for the past week or so. Getting that sleep back helps. I was terribly off-center yesterday due to that shortage of rest, plus not eating right/enough.

Today I feel better, have some time off and just watched FAZ leave a flat market behind, running from an early low at 46.90 to a high of 50.91. Pulled back now to 50.05. When I got up, it was around 49, then made its run. What's interesting is that it's bouncing without any legit volume. That tells me this bounce won't last, but Greece is on fire and bankster stocks are declining again. It's just a yoyo market. The effect of Sarkozy and Merkel "agreeing" to a deal yesterday has no lasting effect. Not even 24 hours.

FAS daily
This megaphone level is a tough one to crack

 FAS daily
Dead man hanging, 1+ hour left today

 FAZ daily
Hanging off a cliff, but rallying

FAZ daily
The trend is down but can it hold at 49-50?

AAPL shocker
I regretted selling at 377 a couple of weeks ago
Now? Not so much

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