Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Biggest brain in the game

9:12 pm (Hawaii) Don't you dare think otherwise.

Update 9:41 pm (Hawaii) Nowhere in this video or any other (recently at least) does Mr. Rogers say it's a good idea to short the financials — plural. In the above video, he mentions that he's heavily short a prominent US financial.

Taking a look at how QE1 and QE2 lifted the corrupt banksters out of their hellholes in 2008-09, FAZ had to eat crap and plow along while the banksters rode high, propped up on borderline counterfeit US Dollars. QE3, or whatever name it goes by, will probably revive the banks later this year, just in time to keep a lot of politicians in office come election time in 2012.

For now, I may well be late to the latest FAZ party. Maybe QE3 suddenly gets announced tomorrow. NOBODY KNOWS. But chances are it won't happen tomorrow or Friday. Maybe not next week. Even if I open tomorrow morning down big on my FAZ position, it won't stay down long, not with an underwhelming 54,000 new jobs announced last week. The Fed and the White House will get what they want (bearish sentiment) leading into QE3.

FAZ vs. banksters, 2-month chart

FAZ vs. banksters, 1-year chart

FAZ vs. banksters, 2-year chart

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