Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Night Library

Caroline Springs Library, Victoria, Australia

Gary North:
"At some point, too big to fail banks will find that the government can no longer kick the can. There will not be lenders to the government at interest rates that the government can afford to pay. Even the Federal Reserve System will stop lending, unless the FED's managers decide to go to hyperinflation. When the government cannot continue to meet its obligations, it will default in some form to some beneficiaries. This is the dilemma facing all Western democracies.
If the big banks are too big to fail, then they need the government to bail them out in a crisis. But if the government can no longer afford to bail them out, then what?"

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(book) Murray N. Rothbard: The Mystery of Banking 
(book) Murray N. Rothbard: A history of money and banking in the US

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