Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Night Library

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2:11 pm (Hawaii) Just back from some fun stuff on an overcast, windy afternoon in the islands. It's gratifying to actually enjoy being outside without a care in the world, at least for an hour or two. Now, time to catch up with the market, precious metals and bullion prices.

James Turk interviewed by King World News today:
"...the strong bounce we saw after the test early in the morning, people are now starting to recognize that 35 is solid (on silver), 1520 on gold is solid, and I think you're going to see people piling in on the long side from here. ... This is going to be a spectacular summer. It's not going to be like most summers where gold grinds and goes sideways. This is going to be more like 1982 where the gold price and silver price soar because of extraneous news events, and I think that comes from Europe. ... Bullish sentiment is low, that means people are out of the market, which means it's time to buy. ... The correction, I think, is finished."  

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(video) Max Keiser, James Turk: Fiat money inflation in France (part 1): John Law (June 15 2011)
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