Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Night Quiet Time (updated)

University of British Columbia Library

10:09 am (Hawaii) Opened a small position in FAZ (again) at 48.28 before the bell. I've had positions in the past month, but missed the ride to 52. I don't expect 52 overnight, but it's coming. There's no catalyst for the market until earnings, and on the downside, the end of QE2 is roughly a week away. Sure, QE3 or whatever its code name is could arrive any time, but as Helicopter Ben indicated today, the Fed is rushing neither to raise interest rates nor implement drastic action. All that really came out today from his speech is that he's narrowing his focus a bit on inflation.

Short term, that's bad news for the banksters. Greece may be leading the way toward austerity in Europe, small and limpish as it is in scope. Austerity is bad for banksters. Even QE3 won't save them long term. It's a matter of not if, but when.

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