Sunday, June 19, 2011

Frizzy frizz frizz

2:55 p.m. (Hawaii) All the sketchy details about Forex and OTC precious metals trading offshore is really strange. Almost as weird is the way the Spot Gold and Silver charts look so far tonight. Talk about zig-zaggy. So far, price appears to be stable, but if all of PM trading by US traders will now as of July 15 be restricted to US exchanges (Comex/CME Mafia), how can there NOT be rampant manipulation of price by the powers that be?

Won't stop me from adding more physical. But I'm glad to be 90% cash and barely into any paper metal.

See a ton of great theories, insights and opinions about the Forex/OTC/PM news and more at Turd Ferguson's beautiful, spanking-new site.

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