Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ready to rough it?

5:57 pm (Hawaii) I certainly am not. Though I live in Hawaii, I am a city boy. I can't grow anything but hair and piles of trash. But if you listen enough to Brother John F and Bix Weir, this is the time to start storing up necessities and get completely out of paper. Stocks, currency, whatever. Yeah. Could I really empty out my trading account, buy nothing but precious metals (big and small units) and store up a year's worth of food? Could I actually protect these things?

I'd rather live out on a farm in the middle of nowhere and live off the land than try and survive in an urban — and chaotic — environment. Actually, I'd rather not think about a worst-case scenario, but more and more, bit by bit, the possibility seems more real. You can't owe trillions of dollars as a nation and get away with it forever. Reckoning day is coming. What would happen when we go from living from paycheck to paycheck ... to canned good to canned good is such a pessimistic outlook ... but part of me says it's also realistic. So, while I've got a little free time tonight, it's time to do some shopping. I've got way less canned food than most people, maybe all people.

But if I were to go to the nth degree as Brother John F suggests, I would also have to put bars up on my windows, arm myself (and learn how to use a weapon), get a bolted-down safe, all that good stuff. I could do it. But say the world doesn't come to a hellish end. Say some miraculous financial plan prevents the US from going into Second World living status. Suppose the US Dollar actually does survive beyond 2011 or '12. Then what? I guess the worst would be that I'd have a hell of a lot of pork and beans, physical gold and silver, ammo. And if the market survives and stocks start shooting back to "normal" levels, I'd miss out since I'd have to convert my metal back into currency and back into a trading account.

Think that's all too much to dwell on at this point. A case of beans and a bunch of can openers is a good start.

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