Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon Library

National Library, Greece

11:03 am (Hawaii) Sure this looks like a great time to open some FAZ, but what if the Greece gets bailed out overnight? Forget the long-term lunacy of such a plan; short term all financials would bounce big. FAZ would get crushed.

Words from a sage, Bob Chapman:
"A run is starting on your retirement, hardship compounding the problems of retirees, we may be going into hyperinflation or deflationary depression, currencies down significantly over gold, problems similar to the 1930s, Ponzi finance must end."
Bob Chapman: Warnings of a great depression or hyperinflation (June 15 2011)
Eric Sprott: Dive in silver price is a 'setup' (June 14 2011)
(video) Nigel Farage: 'Unholy alliance' of bankers, politicians vs. people (June 15 2011)
(video) Max Keiser: Protests in Athens, Greece (June 15 2011)
(video) Max Keiser: Syntagma Square, video from hotel (June 15 2011)
Max Keiser: Live from Syntagma Square (June 15 2011)
(live) Zero Hedge/ Live streams from Syntagma Square (June 15 2011)
Zero Hedge: Market volume explode to 3rd highest since Flash (June 15 2011)
(video) 9/11 Truth: Hollywood Speaks Out (June 11 2011)
(video) Uroko (part 1) (Mar 29 2010)
(video) Michael Tsarion: Architects of Control (part 1) (Jan 4 2009)

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