Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Calm before the storm

6:22 am (Hawaii) Or is this the calm before the sh*tstorm? I'm finally up after a good night's rest after a good day's effort tinkering and being a home improver in the most modest of ways. The doldrums of summer and my aversion to risk makes the most mundane things, like starting a modified "garden" a great escape. That's the alternative when not much in the market actually grows.

So far, 62% of my Regular watch list is green, 38% red. CHGS is up 17%. All I know about CHGS is that it's a coal company in China, highly volatile, basically a penny stock at 1.79. It was 1.53 at yesterday's close. I would NOT touch that, but it is in my list as one of many indicators of how fickle the market can be. WNR, an oil refinery favorite of the dashing Le Fly, is up 9% to 17.24. I hope he is enjoying the carnage.

RBY, HAIN, WFT, UCO are among the other leaders on the list, all with considerable volume. We're 1 hour, 48 minutes from Helicopter Ben's speech.

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