Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend library (updated)

Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia

Turd Ferguson: Turd confused, OTC change coming July 15 (June 18 2011)
Zero Hedge: Trading of OTC gold and silver illegal beginning July 15 (June 18 2011)
Jesse's Cafe Americain: CTFC to curtail OTC highly-leveraged retail trading in paper commodities, currencies (June 18 2011)
Silvernomics: QE3 to  be announced on Tuesday (June 18 2011)
(book) Mary Croft: How I clobbered every bureaucratic cash-confiscatory agency known to man (2006)
John Paul Koning: A Visual History of the Federal Reserve System (June 17 2011)
Zero Hedge: Rare earth metal prices go parabolic (June 17 2011)
Bloomberg: Rare earth prices double on China, industrial minerals says (June 17 2011)
Reuters: Greece to pass austerity plan, with changes (June 17 2011)
Zero Hedge: Morgan Stanley goes short treasurys again (June 17 2011)
Info Wars: Texas state officials groped by TSA as 'punishment' (June 17 2011)
Info Wars: Apple wants to turn off iPhone cameras (June 17 2011)
Info Wars: Globalists want permanent occupation of Iraq (June 17 2011)
Jordan Roy-Byrne: Investors: Gold and silver bottom likely days away (June 17 2011)
Kevin McElroy: How to profit from the fall of Greece (June 17 2011)
Vedran Vuk: Keeping a strong portfolio during currency decline (June 17 2011)
Charles Vollum: Its weight in gold: The real prices of things (June 17 2011)
Chuck Butler: A Greek resolution (for now)? (June 17 2011)
NY Times: Wall St braces for new layoffs as profits wane (June 17 2011)
CrossTalk: Will Greece kill euro? (June 17 2011)
Bob Kirtley: Silver correction appears to be over (June 17 2011)
Tim Seymour: Euro bouncing back, but keep your gun loaded (June 17 2011)
Bloomberg: Default by Greece almost certain: Greenspan (June 16 2011)

(video) RT: Russian gas, Chinese hunger (June 17 2011)
(video) Jim Rogers: Solution is cutting spending, writing off debt (June 16 2011)
(video) Larry Edelson: What Bernanke thinks when he heads off to sleep (June 16 2011)
(video) Niall Ferguson: 100% certain Greece will default (June 14 2011)
(video) Niall Ferguson: CBA Speakers Bureau (June 14 2011)
(video) GATA on market manipulation, Fed (June 6 2011)
(video) Niall Ferguson: Tough to derail China's economic locomotive (Mar 26 2011)
(video) Niall Ferguson: Ascent of Money (Feb 6 2011)
(video) The House of Rothschild (Jan 24 2011)
(video) Niall Ferguson on financial meltdown (Dec 9 2010)

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