Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Night Library

1:40 pm (Hawaii) Tentative here. I want to start stockpiling my junk silver pile, but spot price appears to be heading back to 33 this week. Maybe 29, 26, even 19 (where the recent run began (19 to 49). I'm willing to wait, but if a whiff of a rumor of QE3 hits the market, who will be left behind? Best approach may be to buy any physical silver in increments, at least for us peons. If you're a billionaire, have fun buying 10,000 ounces at a time.

SCO up a bit after hours to 47.25 (+4.5%). Hard to bet against the decline of crude price this week, but my guess it will be very choppy, but ultimately down toward $90-92 a barrel.

Gold in stronger hands than silver. Waiting for some discount entry points in the coming days and weeks.

Monday readage
WSJ: Fischer's 11th-hour entry adds twist to IMF race (Jun 13 2011)
(video) SGT: Bob Champman on bond fraud, metals fraud, 9/11 (June 13 2011)
CNBC: Gross ays US is in worse shape than Greece (June 13 2011)
Jeff Berwick: Attacks on gold retailers, student loan debters (June 13 2011)
(video) James Turk interviews Sean Fieler (June 13 2011)

Oldies but goodies
(video) News10 (ABC): DOE breaks down Stockton man's door (June 8 2011)
(video) von NotHaus convicted of making currency (May 30 2011)
John Perkins: Libya: It's not about oil, it's about currency, loans (Apr 29 2011)
(video) Alex Jones interviews Bernard von NotHaus (Apr 5 2011)
WSJ: When private money becomes a felony offense (Mar 31 2011)
Valerie Strauss: Education dept. buys 27 shotguns (Mar 11 2010)
David Morgan: Upside down gold (May 8 2009)
(video) Glenn Beck interviews Bernard von NotHaus on liberty dollar (Nov 20 2007)
Star-Bulletin: Mainland FBI raid included Hawaii Dalas, Bernard von NotHaus (Nov 17 2007)

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