Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday night library & theater (updated)

Tama Art University Library, Tokyo

Zero Hedge: 'China will convert quite a bit of US trade deficit from dollars into oil' (June 23 2011)
Zero Hedge: Cantor will propose balanced budget amendment (June 23 2011)
Mike Krieger/Zero Hedge: 'They have no freaking clue' (June 23 2011)
Zero Hedge: Another algo gone wild (June 23 2011)
David Galland: US monetary system, descent into facism: Edwin Vieira (June 23 2011)
Vedran Vuk: Russia's grip on gas (June 23 2011)
Chuck Butler: Trichet deep sixes Euro's rally (June 23 2011)
Jason Hommel: The temple tax (June 23 2011)
Zero Hedge: Another exchange halts levered OTC gold, silver trading (June 22 2011)
Frank Holmes: Will gold equity investors strike gold? (June 21 2011)
Eric Janszen: The Next Ten Years: There Will Be Blood (June 21 2011)
(audio) Norm Franz: Financial armageddon (2008)
• Franz has a lot of interesting observations, but be warned he ties everything to biblical prophecy, in case that's not your belief. 
(audio) Norm Franz: The world wide financial collapse (Sept 26 2007)
(audio) Norm Franz: America's financial humpty dumpty (Feb 21 2008) 
(audio) Norm Franz: Debt for equity swaps

streetmoney21: The 2-minute bell just hit and the stadium is real quiet (June 23 2011)
CNBC: Mark Fisher on 'government bringing a knife to a gun fight' (June 23 2011)
• Fisher enters at 3:40
Bob Chapman: Trolls, sock puppets and the world we live in (June 23 2011)
Bob Chapman: The Fall of the Euro and Greece (June 23 20110
James Turk: Bruno Bandulet interview (June 23 2011)
Pam Aden: Gold and silver not in a bubble yet (June 23 2011)
• El-Elarin: 'We can't find another buyer for treasurys.'

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