Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Night Library & Theater

AFP: Oceans in distress foreshadow mass extincion (June 21 2011)
Frank Holmes (US Global Investors): Is Gold about to have its status upgraded (June 20 2011)

Minyanville: Is tellurium the new gold? (June 20 2011)
Adrian Ash: Exploding six 'gold bubble' myths (June 20 2011)
Jason Hommel: Real silver still legal! (June 20 2011)
Greeley Gazette: Nebraska nuclear plant not in danger (June 20 2011)

(audio) Bob Chapman: If Greece goes down, the whole world could go with it (June 19 2011)
• Touching on Japan habitability and banksters' book-cooking in Euro zone. US banksters are on the hook for $120 billion (credit default swaps on Euro banks).

(video) CPM Group: Silver yearbook 2011 (part 1) (June 16 2011)
• If you can believe Jeff Christian, CPM believes silver will plod along this summer. (Christian had previously forecasted silver at $26/oz.) They believe silver will start running after summer.

(video) NTDTV: Quiet Mongols' explosive anger (June 2 2011)
• The protests that are rarely reported globally over coal mining and destruction of the environment, farmland, cemetaries.

(video) Royal Silver Co: Blue-throated Macaw peek (silver round) (June 9 2011)
(video) Royal Silver Co: Plant tour (Mar 26 2011)
(video) Buchan Bull Bullion: Palladium background, history, economics (Jan 19 2011)
(video) David Morgan: Silver and gold bar testing (Nov 18 2010)
(video) Michael Riveros: Gold bars with tungsten cores (Aug 27 2010)
(video) Wall St for Main St: Molycorp: Why it's extremely undervalued and best of breed (Aug 12 2010)
• This guy was pounding the table for MCP when it was below $15. He was right, right, right.
(video) Bob Chapman: Tungsten-plated gold bars scandal (Mar 8 2010)

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