Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday afternoon Shhhh!

Library Time

Suzzallo Library, Seattle

7:35 am (Hawaii) Fast Money Halftime: Brian Kelly doesn't believe Bernanke ... Gartman is bullish "of gold" and short copper. 

Dan Norcini: Gold chart analysis (June 22 2011)
Gary North: Austerity is good (June 22 2011)
Bob Chapman: 'The banks represent corporatist fascism and monopoly' (June 22 2011)
Zero Hedge: Bill Gross just set the date for Operation Twist 2 and QE3 (June 22 2011)
Zero Hedge: Spiegel Revisionism 101 (June 22 2011)
Henrik Müller: If the Euro fails, Germany will be responsible (June 22 2011)
Zero Hedge: New York Fed refuses to disclose data on missing $6.6 billion (June 22 2011)
Zero Hedge: China will suspend open market operations tomorrow (June 22 2011)
Bloomberg: Existing-home sales in US fell in May to six-month low (June 21 2011)
Vedran Vuk: Grim decade for employment ahead (June 21 2011)
(video) The revolution has begun in Europe (June 21 2011)
Financial Times: Greek savers rush for gold (June 21 2011)
Jeff Clark: If the Dollar goes, what happens to your portfolio (June 21 2011)
Gary North: The Federal debt elevator: going up (June 18 2011)
• "The can will grow too large to kick. But until then, the voters will continue to imagine that there are free lunches in life. They will continue to grant the politicians a free ride. When the can is finally too large to kick, the defaults will begin. If you hold IOUs from the government, you will find that you, not the can, will get kicked. Hard."
Dr. Constantin Gurdgjev: Ireland vs. Iceland (part 1part 2) (Feb 27-28 2011)
• Iceland's default has led to revival; Ireland bogged down by ECB
Bix Weir: The hidden meanings in the new $100 bill (Nov 12 2010)
CNN: High tech $100 bill (Apr 22 2010)

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