Monday, June 20, 2011

Flip-flopping along

4:24 am (Hawaii) Miners look good so far despite a slight dip in the past 20 minutes. XG is up 1% to 11.38. EXK up 0.9% to 7.77. AGQ is down 0.6% to 175.61. DGP up by a hair to 49.16.

FAZ is up 1.1% to 49.75 as the financials are simmering in red so far.

AAPL just ugly, down 2.4% to 312.54. The plunge below 325 was expected; no support until 300. Still shocking to see, and few other stocks lead the market up or down like AAPL does. The indices don't look bad (Dow -0.2%, Nas -0.05%, S&P -0.03%), but my Metals list and Regular watch list have been mostly red in the past week.

Metals list is 40% green, 55% red. Regular list is 44% green, 55% red. Looks like fluctuation and a lot of flip-flopping by fish on the shoreline. Running in place.

The leaders: MCP (+8.3%), GPL (+7.2%), REE (+5.6%), AMRN (+4.3%), AVL (+4.1%), SVM (+2.4%), GSF (+2.4%), SLW (+2.8%), BIDU (+2.3%), RLOC (+2.3%), LULU (+2.0%).

Along with AAPL, LNKD is another loser so far (-4.1%).

Update 4:47 am (Hawaii) MCP is not a shock at +9.3% this morning. Can't remember who said this over the weekend, but with China having 95% of the world's rare earths market, and unlike gold, silver, platinum and palladium, there is no exchange trading of rare earths (at least not yet). There's no Comex or CME mafia to shackle rare earths, which have risen in value 3x to 4x in the past few months.

MCP is already at 4.1 million shares traded in the first 75 minutes. It had 5.4 mil shares all of Friday. If today's gap up holds, could be bullish. Coming off a major gap down two weeks ago and far from its high (78+, May 4), this is starting to look attractive.

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