Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday afternoon library & cinema (updated)

Dominion Southall, London

(new) RT: UK grinds to a halt as half-million march against gov cuts (June 30 2011)
(new) bigdad06: Gold channel interview with Demcad (June 30 2011)
Ashraf Laidi: Oil release from SPR is QE3 (June 30 2011)
• Laidi: 'The weak dollar is here to stay'
paladex77: Economic Armageddon and You (June 29 2011)
(new) WealthCycles: Mike Maloney, David Morgan (part 1) (Jan 26 2011)
Financial News: An Irishman abroad tells it like it is (Dec 7 2010)
(new) David Morgan: Buying silver coins vs. buying silver bars (Nov 18 2010)

Reports & Blogs
(new) Harvey Organ: Open interest in silver drops to 112,000; 12 mil silver oz standing for delivery (June 30 2011)
• "Right on queue, the cartel initiated the raid due to the jobs report tomorrow morning."
(new) Bill Wilson: The new danger to US independence (June 30 2011)
• "Iceland averted a sovereign debt crisis in 2008 by refusing to bail out its banks that had bet poorly on housing."
(new) European Voice: Iceland seeks speedy progress in EU bid (June 30 2011)
(new) Eric Sprott, Andrew Morris: Caveat Venditor! (June 30 2011)
(new) Bloomberg: Geithner to consider leaving after debt debate (June 30 2011)
Turd Ferguson: Sprott latest (must read) (June 30 2011)
(new) CNN: Ron Paul: US should declare bankruptcy (June 28 2011)

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