Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday night library & theater (updated)

Tokyo National Library

2:06 pm (Hawaii) Catching up on the past 24 hours of info. China bailing out Eurozone? Not shocking. No wonder the market was giddy today even before Greece agreed officially to semi-austerity measures.

5:36 pm (Hawaii) Some new links.

Reports & Blogs
(new) Corey Rosenbloom: Interesting patter repetition to monitor in gold (June 27 2011)
(new) Tom Mullen: Can Ron Paul really be right about everything? (June 27 2011)
(new) Ron Paul: The keys to economic growth (June 27 2011)
(new) Mark Faber: Why it's too late for the dollar (June 27 2011)
(new) Vedran Vuk: Releasing the US oil reserves (June 27 2011)
(new) Dian L. Chu: Poorly-timed SPR oil release could cost US taxpayers $1.5 billion (June 27 2010)
(new) Washington Post: MySpace expected to lay off at least 150 employees on Wednesday (June 27 2011)
(new) MarketWatch: Panasonic to cut 10,000 Sanyo staff (June 27 2011)
(new) Andrew Malone: The Big Fat Greek Gravy Train (June 27 2011)
(new) Chuck Butler: To raise or not to raise the debt ceiling (June 27 2011)
(new) William Norman Grigg: How Whitey Bulger bought Boston (June 27 2011)
(new) Justin Raimondo: The war against 'Isolationism' (June 27 2011)
(new) Survival Blog: The case for silver spoons (June 27 2011)
(new) Merv Burak: Technically precious with Merv (June 27 2011)
(new) Rick Mills: 'Cash in, not out of, $1,500 gold' (June 27 2011)
(new) Ben Parry: Playing with fire in a cashless society (June 27 2011)
Le Fly: Tech is revving up (June 27 2011)
Turd Ferguson: The Dipman Cometh (June 27 2011)
Zero Hedge: China says it will bail out insolvent European countries (June 26 2011)
Market Oracle: Silver looks like dipping below $30 (June 26 2011)
WSJ: OPEC bristles as West taps reserves (June 25 2011)
(new) Lone Ranger Silver: 100 items to disappear first in a currency crisis (June 3 2011)

(new) Jim Rogers: Europe will have to love China like never before (June 27 2011)
(new) Silverfuturist: Every metal went bubbly in past decade except gold (June 27 2011)
Stellaconcepts: Silver mythbusters #1: 100:1 paper backing physical (June 27 2011)
David Morgan: The foundation of our monetary system is rotting away (June 27 2011)
James Turk: Ronald-Peter Stoferle interview (June 27 2011)
(new) Lindsey Williams: Signs that it's 'Game Over' (part 3) (June 26 2011)
(new) Silverfuturist: Andrew Maguire to speak in August (June 26 2011)
(new) wafdawg: Debt detonation is the endgame (June 26 2011)
(new) Tony Sagami: 6 ways to play China's booming hotel business (June 25 2011)
(new) wafdawg: Economic storm — market volatility and oil (June 25 2011)
Robert Ian: Audit the gold (June 24 2011)

Kyoto, Japan

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