Monday, June 13, 2011

Falling apples

10:54 am (Hawaii) Forgot to mention that ZSL is up 7.6% (19.17). It closed at 17.82 on Friday.

Also, SCO trading at 47.12 after hours, up 4.2%. As long as war in Iraq is imminent and NATO/US keeps bombing Libya, the market is leaning toward $90 crude oil. Obama plan in effect.

Curiously, GPL and LNKD are up. GPL up 7.9% to 2.86. LNKD up 3.5% to 75.40.

AAPL up fractionally (0.2%) to 326.68, nearing its recent lows. A break below 320 would empty out a lot of weak hands. Next support would be 300.

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