Monday, June 20, 2011

Rare, indeed

11:22 am (Hawaii) Rare earth plays looked strong today. Good moves to the upside on increased volume. Nothing in this market is moving with mass volume and momentum, but these guys are not just well off their highs, but are going to continue in the long term to be solid even in a down economy due to their status in electronics, technology. Defense weapons. Batteries. Plus, China supposedly is home to 95% 97% of the planet's rare earths. The biggest advantage may be this: rare earths are NOT manipulated by the banksters. As of now, there is no exchange-traded puppetry of rare earths. I doubt the Chinese would go for that — backing an American bankster mafia exchange with their rare earths.

How long until Hang Seng or Shanghai open their own RARE EARTH COMMODITY EXCHANGE? I say there's one by January 1, 2012.

A look at MCP: 3-month chart and 1-year. Huge gain since IPO.

A look at smaller rare earth plays AVL and REE:

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