Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Night Library

Today's big bounce (on light volume) in silver is curious. Tomorrow (Friday) is precious metals options expiration. Careful out there.

Golden Jackass: US hurtles toward system failure (June 9 2011)
Jim Sinclair: Gold to exceed $12,500 to balance debt (June 8 2011)
(audio) King World News: Jim Sinclair (June 8 2011)
Zero Hedge: Record number of people have taken out loans against 401k plans  (June 9 2011)
Zero Hedge: US Treasury burns $90 billion in 8 days (June 9 2011)
Silver Gold Silver: Graph on unemploment correlation to recessions (June 9 2011)

Jim Rogers, Part 1 (June 9 2011)

Jim Rogers, Part 2 (June 9 2011)

BigDad06 telling it like it is, as always.

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