Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Theater & Library (updated)

Sanskrit Theater, Bengal, India

Minyanville: 10 things you never knew about gold (June 13 2011)
bigdad06: Bankster Nation (June 24 2011)
George4title: Raising children during the Great Recession: Get Faith (June 24 2011)
CNBC: Apmex CEO Michael Haynes: Why central banks are buying gold (June 24 2011)
CNBC: Geithner interview, re: debt reduction negotiations (June 24 2011)
CNBC: Why isn't lower oil lifting stocks (June 24 2011)

(new) Turd Ferguson: Saturday Stuff (June 25 2011)
• His chart analysis is as good as any
(new) chessNwine: 5 possible breakout stocks (June 25 2011)
(new) Le Fly: Bullish on UCO, EXK (June 24 2011)
(new) Scott Blier: But I had no idea ... (June 24 2011)
(new) Dan Norcini: CCI signaling deflationary forces are in ascendancy (June 24 2011)
(new) Scott Strzelczyk: Our Wily Coyote moment has arrived (June 23 2011)
(new) Longrangesilver: Living through a currency devaluation (June 20 2011)
Ynetnews: Japan: Fukushima drone loses control, lands on reactor building (June 24 2011)
Don't Tread On Me: The Silver Stealers (June 24 2011)
CTV News: House refuses to give Obama power to continue in Libya (June 24 2011)
CNN: Ron Paul worries Fort Knox gold is gone (June 24 2011)
Gonzalo Lira: IBG-YBG: Owning vs. Managing — Democracy vs. Kleptocracy (June 24 2011)
Apple Investor: Zynga now owns four of largest Facebook games (June 24 2011)
CNet: Ten ways to work smarter on your iPad (June 24 2011)
Reuters: Money mangers up net length in gold, silver-CTFC (June 24 2011)
Apple Insider: Apple's second beta of iOS 5.0 enables wireless sync with iTunes 10.5 beta 2 (June 24 2011)
Charles Hugh Smith: Why the Eurozone and Euro are both doomed (June 23 2011)
From Pimco: "IEA Action yesterday continues policymaker efforts to cap bad inflation (silver margins etc.) Nonetheless – higher inflation ahead." (June 23 2011)

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