Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon Matinee

8:01 am (Hawaii) Metals show no sign of letting up. EXK was up to 8.48. 87% of my Metals list is in the green and most of them are at least 1.5% up. CNBC playing up the Greek formalities, headlining that this deal will "avert default."

To me, that means instead of barfing now, Greece will barf later. Either way, it's coming. It's a sick, sick economy and it's taking too long to get the healing process started. BARF ALREADY!

Update 8:13 am (Hawaii) Regular watch list just hit 90% green. That is a first. I still don't know if this is JP Morgan laying low (fined by SEC today), or setting up a major bull trap.

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