Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Helicopter speaks, silver rises

9:00 am (Hawaii) AGQ up from 172 to 174 since Helicopter Ben's speech 30 minutes ago. Indices rising from previous highs of the day. Bernanke talked about possible rising interest rates and dealing with the crisis, but nothing detailed came out. COPX up 2.8% on the neutral news out of China (inflation rate is in line).

9:26 am (Hawaii) Indices coming off their highs in the past 15 minutes and so are silver plays. Selloff into the bell? I'm not touching any of this. 90% cash and just fine with that.

(video) Sen. McKinney: 'Libya war driven by oil, Israel, logistics' (June 14 2011)
Idaho Statesman: Chinese company eyes Boise (June 14 2011)
Zero Hedge: Bill Gross warns QE3 coming in form of 'Operation Twist' (June 14 2011)
Zero Hedge: Japanese 'consumers' buy cash safes to hid trillions (June 14 2011)
Bloomberg: Strongbox sales soar as cash hoarding to limit Japan rebound (June 14 2011)
Zero Hedge: End of POMO countdown: $8 bil down, $51 bil to go (June 14 2011)

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