Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend library (updated)

Tibetan Library

(video) Porter Stansberry: The end of America (Dec 14 2010)
Gold News: Fed lawyer Alvarez: 'The Fed Reserve does not own any gold at all' (June 2 2011)
(video) Federal Reserve does not own any gold (June 1 2011)
(video) Subcommittee hearing on Fed lending disclosure (June 1 2011) Tibet Pharmaceuticals reports Q1 results (May 18 2011)
Turd Ferguson: Dollar index breaks 74, world yawns (June 3 2011)
(video) Max Keiser: Guest J.S. Kim (June 4 2011)
(video) Peter Schiff: US economy heading for disaster (June 3 2011)
(video) bigdad06: Markets of fear (June 3 2011)
(video) Russia Times: Goldman Sachs ripped off Gaddafi? (June 4 2011)
(video) Max Keiser: Gaddafi's stolen billions (June 3 2011)
(video) Brother John F: Silver Update Charts (June 3 2011)
(video) Max Keiser: Germany, China will be world's only superpowers (Nov 28 2010)
(audio) Mike Maloney: Interview on gold, silver (Oct 23 2008)
Gary North: Dow vs. Gold (Jan 10 2007)
(video) The Secret of Oz (Oct 19 2010)
Jason Hommel: Basic info on silver (June 3 2011)
(audio) King World News: Weekly metals wrap (June 4 2011)
Dan Collins: How to profit from electric vehicles (Apr 13 2011)

Federal Reserve: We do not own any gold.

This must be seen to be believed.

I'm a fan of James Altucher's blog, and in the past few years, despite all his self-criticism, he's been generally right about the market. I agree with him about America's knack for innovation, and that is and may always be what separates us from China, Japan and any other society. They say necessity is the MOTHER OF ALL INVENTION. Well, we're getting into the pit of desperate times, so let the innovation flow, brothers and sisters!

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