Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One small morsel at a time

4:35 am (Hawaii) The sky is black and hungry baby birds are starting to sing. The air is cool and the early morning has brought no rain, no humidity ... just a pleasant and cool, and quiet, time of day. Maybe the best time of day, all things considered, in this pit of traffic and overcrowding. Yes, Honolulu is still picturesque. It just ain't what it used to be. Sometimes, you just can't go back.

I have yet to turn on the TV, being satisfied with my place in bed and the aforementioned solitude. But the indices are down due to abysmal manufacturing numbers. Senor Turd notes that this shouldn't be any kind of surprise to the market, but one result is that gold shot up 10 bucks.

That's good for my small portion of DGP (+1.1%), bad for most of my Metals list. At one point after the opening bell, 78% were in the red. Now it's only 71%. ZSL and FAZ have taken turns leading the way. FAZ was at 44.14, dropped to 43.85 and I thought maybe a rally was underway. But really, there is no rally coming this morning because there just isn't any good news for now. So FAZ is now up to 44.32.

Gold is hanging in there. NGD is up a half percent, GLD is fractionally higher, and even PALL is still green. But DUST, the gold miner 2x bear, is still up 0.8%. It's tough sledding for gold plays today. It's much rougher on silver plays. ZSL is up 2.6% while AGQ struggles to stay above 200. AG, EXK, SLV are all down. So much for slightly bullish hammers on yesterday's charts. Just goes to show, technicals mean nothing in the face of economic thresholds.

Rare metals (MCP, AVL) are being hammered, as is LNKD, which is now below 79 (-3.5%).

The one, buoyant leader is AAPL, which is up 2.3% to 350. It was at 337 yesterday early, then sat at 343 for hours after the news about next week's presentation featuring Steve Jobs. AAPL closed above 347, then traded today above 352. Major show of strength. Question is whether it can sustain this move while the rest of the market is in the red. Though my metals list is bleeding, my regular watch list (non-metals) is 76% red.

Update 4:53 am (Hawaii) FAZ now 44.55. It appears not everyone in Greece is geeked up about austerity measures. Still. Once again, Euro possessors seek refuge in gold.

Reuters: Stocks fall as manufacturing slows (June 1 2011)
Turd: ADP vs. BLS (June 1 2011)

Update 5:16 am (Hawaii) This would be known as a Viagra.

This, even more so.

Update 5:33 am (Hawaii) Metals list is now 56% green. That was quick. Most silver plays went straight up, lower left to the upper right of their charts, in the past 30 minutes or so. Many of them are green now, or close to it. This is a daytrader's joy ride.

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